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The faculty members of this program, consisting of sixteen full-time professors, are primarily recommended by the departments in College of Business who are in charge of lecturing and researching tasks with students. Most of these professors are implementing a variety of projects in diverse research domains. Meanwhile, several members are currently serving or have recently served as editors and editorial board members of some of the most influential research journals. In addition, the college has established formal academic relationships with many universities around the world. Distinguished international scholars from partner universities are also invited to lecture in the doctoral program which expands the diversity of students’ learning.


Te-Kuang Chou  CV

Position : Professor ( Dept. of Finance ) and Dean of Academic Affairs

Education : Ph.D. in Business Administration , National Sun Yat–Sen University, Taiwan

Research Specialty : Strategic Planning , Industry Analysis , Financial Accounting

Office : L104

TEL Ext : 2100



Hsiao-Jung Chen  CV

Position : Professor (Dept. of Finance) and Department Chair

Education : PhD, Financial Management, National Sun Yat–sen University

Research : Banks and Financial Institution Management, Corporate Finance,

                Financial Markets, Corporate Governance, and Behavioral Finance

Office : S405 / S408-2A

TEL Ext : 5300 / 5321


Wurong Shih  CV
Position : Professor (Dept. of Industrial Management and Information)

Education : Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and System Science, State University of New York, Binghamton , USA

Research Specialty : Logistic Management , E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence , Electric Packing, Data Mining , Intelligence-Oriented Decision Systems

Office : T0918

TEL Ext : 8118

Email : wurong@stust.edu.tw


Ta-Chung Chu CV

Position : Professor (Dept. of Industrial Management and Information)
Education : PhD, Department of Industrial Engineering , University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, U.S.A

Research Specialty : Operational Research , Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Office : T1042-1
TEL Ext : 8292


Clark Hu  CV

Position : Professor (Dept. of Hospitality Management)

Education : Ph.D. in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Purdue University (West Lafayette), USA

Research Specialty : Hospitality and Tourism Management, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce, Service Marketing

Office : T1234

TEL Ext : 8434

E-mail : clarkhu@stust.edu.tw


Ching-Chung Lin  CV
Position : Professor (Dept. of International Business)

Education : Ph.D. in Business Administration, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Research Specialty : Market Microstructure Characteristics, Capital Asset Pricing, Econometrics

Office : S508-8

TEL Ext : 5128

E-mail: cclin745@stust.edu.tw


Cheng-Yu Lee CV
Position : Distinguished Professor (Dept. of Industrial Management and Information) and Dean of International Affairs
Education : Ph.D. in Department of Business Administration, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan  
Research Specialty : Technology Management, Strategic Management, Corporate Governance
Office : T1242
TEL Ext : 8442
E-mail: cylee@stust.edu.tw

Chia-Hua Chang  CV

Position : Professor (Dept. of Industrial Management and Information) & Department Chair

Education : PhD in Industrial and Information Management, National Cheng-Kung University

Research Specialty : Technology Management, Market Research, ERP, Patent Analysis

Office : T0801A/T1119  

TEL Ext :4100/8319

E-mail : chiahua@stust.edu.tw


Yung-Chie Chang  CV

Position : Associate Professor (Dept. of Finance)

Education : Ph.D. in Business Administration, National Sun Yat–Sen University, Taiwan

Research Specialty : Industry Analysis, Strategy Management, Organization Behavior, Marketing in Service Industry

Office : T0935

TEL Ext : 8135


Yu-Chuan Huang   CV

Position : Associate Professor (Dept. of Accounting Information)

Education : Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum & Instruction with concurrent degree in Educational Leadership and Administration (Concentration in Educational Leadership and Administration, Balanced Scorecard, and Performance Management), Pennsylvania State University-University Park 

Research Specialty : Cost and Management Accounting, Corporate Governance, Performance Management, Educational Cost and Budgeting, Education Finance, Educational Management

Office : T1020

TEL Ext : 8220

E-mail: jenhuang@stust.edu.tw


Feng-Hueih Huarng  CV

Position : Associate Professor (Dept. of Business Administration)

Education : Ph.D. in Management Science, University of Oklahoma, USA

Research Specialty : Management Science Application, Quality and Performance Management, E- Service Management, NGO, Customer Behavior

Office : S308-4

TEL Ext : 4523


王派洲/ Pai-Chou Wang

Pai-Chou Wang  CV

Position : Associate Professor (Dept. of Information Management)

Education : PhD, Computer and Information Science, Polytechnic University, USA,

Research Specialty : Rough set theory, data mining, genetic algorithms, distributed computing, mobile programming, web programming

Office :T1031-1

TEL Ext : 8281

E-mail: pwang@stust.edu.tw

Yishuo Hung CV

Position : Assistant Professor ( Dept. of International Business )
Education: PhD, Business Administration, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
Research Specialty Organizational Behavior, Business Strategy, Leadership


Huey Yan  CV

Position : Assistant Professor (Dept. of Industrial Management and Information)

Education : Ph.D. in Statistics, Utah State University, USA

Research Specialty : Statistics, Statistical Data Analysis

Office : T0936

TEL Ext : 8136

E-mail: hirisyan@stust.edu.tw

Mei-Chin Chu  CV

Position : Assistant Professor (Dept. of International Business)

Education : Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, USA

Research Specialty : Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Green Marketing, Econometric Analysis

Office : S508-16

TEL Ext : 5136
E-mail : mcchu@stust.edu.tw