*. All students are required to take 34 credit courses and finish 6 thesis credits to complete the Ph. D. Program. The credits contain 16 credits for the required courses and 18 credits for the elective courses.

*. The graduate students of this program need to fulfill the following requirements before the student is eligible to present dissertation research work in the Final Oral Defense Session.

- A graduate student of the program is required to pass the Ph.D. qualification examination to become a Ph.D. candidate of the program.

- Paper publication is also required for every student. Each Ph.D. candidate must publish at least two peer-reviewed journal papers before applying for a dissertation oral defense. One is for SSCI, SCI, Scopus, Econlit or TSSCI, and the other must be meticulously recognized domestically and internationally.

- Starting from the initial date of enrollment, graduate students of this doctoral program have two to seven years to complete all requirements for the Ph.D. degree.